iNetInfra Solution

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We Provide Complete IT Solution  

·  Structured cabling – installation of cable network system of high performance, independent of technological changes of active network devices and applications.

·  LAN/WAN – switching and routing technologies are today's standard technologies that are used all over the world.

·  Data center – data center is more important than ever before for increased productivity, acceleration of business process and effective implementation of changes.

·  Wireless networks – implementation of these technologies is based on newest products that support today’s standards and secure upgrade of future standards.

·  Network Management – successful network supervision starts with correctly designed network and continues with carefully selected and adapted tools. Supervision and control of large systems are very important for solving problems that can influence on network characteristics – accessibility, availability, resistance to mistakes and security.

·  Security – networks have become strategically point for development and business improvement, which has consequently led to the necessity of internal information systems protection on the network level.

·  Network access control – the solution secures that every endpoint complies with network security policies before granting access.

·  AWS – Provide consultancy and help in setup AWS environment and direct connection between your office and AWS cloud.

 ·  Virtualization of servers and applications – following the trends in network technologies, COMBIS works with technologies that enable virtualization of resources and faster work of applications. We were first in Croatia in presenting solutions for virtualization based on InfiniBand technology.

·  Applications Deployment – Monitoring Systems, Email Systems, Various Alerts for service and hardware level, Local Ticketing tools, integration of local email with cloud.